Letters from our clients for Dog Hydrotherapy Walking in Garstang, Lancashire

petal I'm Petal and I am 12 years old. I have been coming to Fitdog Hydrotherapy for over 2 years now, we call it the "miracle pond" as it is amazing how much better I feel and walk after a session. When I was young I ruptured my cruciate ligament in both legs I had 3 operations and for couple of years I did OK. As I became older the trouble really started. I developed arthritis in my back legs, spine and front elbow. By the ime we found Leonie I could hardly walk, I had a very funny shape as I walked mainly using my front legs and my back legs were very skinny and front legs and chest overdeveloped. Fitdog was my last chance as my owner was seriously thinking it would be kinder to put me to sleep. But two years on and 2 weekly session (in winter every week) I am still here and very much enjoying life. I might not walk fast but I still enjoy my visits to the park and have my owner well trained to give me little titbits while in the the tank.

zulu My name is Zulu and I am a very pretty happy go lucky Rottie, but have had a very troublesome life so far. At 6 months old I was diagnosed with Hip Displasia and Elbow Displasia, my mum and dad were told I would be lucky to live to be five years old due to the severity of my conditions. At the tender age of one and a half I ruptured my cruciate and then to top that off my back knee dislocated and I had to have pins inserted, these were taken out approximately one year later due to complications. As you can see things were not looking so bright for my future and my mum and dad were very worried. Then along came my Aunty Helen who told us she knew a lady called Leonie who ran Fit Dog Hydrotherapy, an appointment was made for me when I was three years old and I was a little nervous at first, but then took to it like a duck to water (with a constant supply of my favourite treats who wouldn't). I am now nearly 11 years old, in April to be exact, and although now I am a little wobbly on my old bent legs I am still a very happy girl, also a very grumpy aloof girl when I choose to be (think that must be my age). My mum and dad keep telling me that without Leonie and Fitdog I would not be here... oh my goodness mum wants to add a bit:

Hi I am Zulu's mum and I cannot thank Leonie and Fitdog enough for all that she has done for Zu without her Zulu would definitely not be here and she would not have fantastic stories to tell of all the amazing places she has been on holiday - a castle in Scotland, tottering about in Snowdonia and swimming in the Lake District to name but a few. Zulu lives a happy and full life considering how chronic her Hips are, she absolutely adores coming to Fitdog to see Leonie and now Lynda who make a big fuss of her. We cannot believe she will be eleven in April its amazing, she comes every week in Winter and every other in Summer it has been a huge part of her life. Please don't ever give up when the outcome seems bleak and just try Fitdog, for us it really has worked.

Err excuse me back to me please: Thank you Aunty Leonie and Aunty Lynda - you have become good friends to us - big woofs (you know what I mean!) and sloppy kisses!

Case Studies

cookie Cookie had suddenly been unable to use her hind legs and had been taken to Leahurst Liverpool University. She was seen by Erika Benson, the Resident in Veterinary Neurology.

She had an MRI scan which revealed an intervertebral disc extrusion at level L1-L2 with associated haemorrhage. A right sided hemilaminectomy was performed. She was discharged 9 days later.

Cookie came to us on June 15th. 2013, dragging both her hind legs. With Lynda in the tank with Cookie, and, using a sling under Cookies tummy we began gentle controlled hydrotherapy. On 19th.June she was marginally better and trying to stand at home.

She attended regularly twice weekly (she was coming from Blackburn). After 10 sessions and steady improvement, she reduced her sessions to once weekly for a further 9 sessions on Dec 21st. 2013 she was discharged now able to use both hind legs and enjoying her life once more.

The family were appreciative of the treatment given. We were thrilled with the outcome, she had dedicated owners and was very much part of the family of 3 children and lived with Milly her Mum.

mac Mac was referred for hydrotherapy following an infection which had resulted in damage to his peripheral nervous system. He was unable to walk and on his first visits had to be carried in and out of the centre.

We commenced hydrotherapy, twice weekly, and had to be inventive in order to work towards mobilising him again. His first sessions involved Lynda being in the treadmill with him and Leonie working the controls and providing additional support. We used slings and a buoyancy aid along with a lot of imagination!

Mac attended initially twice weekly and as he progressed we spaced the sessions to once weekly. After a total of only 17 treatments he is now running around enjoying his walks and playing with his brother again.

He has been one of the more complicated cases we see at Fit Dog Hydrotherapy but also one of the most rewarding. He has very dedicated owners who have put a lot of time and effort into him achieving a full recovery.

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