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Hi, I'm Tim, a Welsh Terrier. I have had an operation on both legs for luxating patellas. I had 20 Hydrotherapy sessions in total and made a great recovery. I loved going for my treatment and still go back for some lovely walks with Remy & Eliza (Leonies 2 dogs).

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kelly patient


I'm Kelly a working Springer Spaniel who ruptured my cruciate ligament. I had 10 Hydrotherapy sessions and am now back having a great time on shoots.


I'm a beautiful little cross bread terrier type, I was told I'd ruptured my cruciate - but having Hydrotherapy means I didn't need an operation so good news, I had 12 sessions and now have a monthly session, better that an operation. Lulu

lulu patient


Hello I'm Neo
I reglarly have hydrotherapy to keep me in tip top condition as one of Britains best Fly Ball dogs, I've even got a trophy to prove it!

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macy patient


Hi I'm Macy
I'm an ex-racing greyhound. All that running (and always wanting to win!) has damaged all my joints. Just walking was very painful. Fortunately for me I was adopted and my mum takes me for Hydrotherapy. I'll never win any more races, but at least I can get around and enjoy my walks.


Hello I'm Blue
I was diagnosed at 9 months old with hip dysplasia in both hind legs. It was uncomfortable and slowing me down. Then I started hydrotherapy, what a difference it has made. I can now keep up with all my friends and enjoy agility

blue patient
pip patient


Hello I'm Pip
I'm an 11 year old (who thinks he's a 3 year old) 3 legged Lancashire Heeler. I had my Right front leg amputated 9 years ago following an accident. I have developed arthritis and find the warm water and the buoyancy helps

We are show dogs and have regular Hydrotherapy sessions to keep us in peak condition. We have all qualified for Crufts and all doing really well at Championship Shows.



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