Dog Hydrotherapy in Garstang, Lancashire

Fit Dog Hydrotherapy based in Preston, Lancashire offer the the Water Walker Dog-Hydrotherapy system, a revolutionary hydrotherapy concept in canine rehabilitation, physiotherapy and fitness using a computerised treadmill in warm water.


  • Post operatively
  • C D R M
  • Strains & Sprains
  • Cruciate sprains
  • Recovery from orthopaedic operations
  • Arthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Building up Fitness
  • Treating obese dogs
  • Keeping dogs in peak condition

Dog Hydrotherapy can used to provide up to 80% buoyancy, which can then be reduced, until the dog is 100% weight bearing and using its own balance. The dog can be viewed on 3 sides though glass panels, so that it's movement and improvement can be closely monitored. The Water Walker is heated, filtered & sanitised.

Research has shown that in warm water, Dog Hydrotherapy does not increase the pulse rate, thus avoiding putting extra strain on the heart. The water walker has a computer controlled treadmill which can run at speeds from 0.5 mph to 8 mph and be quickly & accurately filled with water to the required depth.

Fit Dogs

The Water Walker treadmill, from Westcoast, can also be used to improve the fitness and stamina of healthy dogs. By gradually adjusting the depth of water and the speed of the treadmill, you can create a variety of exercise programmes for our k9 friends.


Initial assessment and treatment (approximately 1 hour) £25.00
Consecutive treatment (approximately 40-50 minutes) £20.00

The Treatment

The dogs are showered before going into the Water Walker.
Blast dryer available, towels available for dogs not liking the blast dryer
Owners are advised to bring spare towels.


We ask that dogs are not fed for 4 hours prior to the treatment.

Vets We Work With